A Collective with 3 Things

in Common.

Passion, Curiosity & Creativity 

Its great to learn a new skill,

it even better to actually use it.

And thats what we do. Our Collectivists apply their various communications skills to create content for the betterment of selected non-profits.


While many of our student colleagues work diligently to complete a graded school assignment, our team actually works on non-graded projects that help to make the world a better place.

In doing so we perfect our multiple communication skill sets while also building portfolios of real life projects that get results.

Master a skill & help your neighbor.

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What's Common Collective?

- hear from our members.

How We Got Our Start

At Emerson, it is basically impossible for a non Visual Media Arts or Journalism major to formally study and work with many of the communications tools and techniques that are requiste for succes as a communications professional. This is BS, the world demands communications professionals that understand how to use the tools of the modern world.

To remidy the situation, a group of faculty practicioners within the Department of Communication Studies and students with a desire to master all elements within the communications ecosystem, formed a collective body that enables all members of the Emerson community to come together and expand thier communications skill set through experiential learning.  

With a simple motto: "We get stuff done." our Collectivists work in a spectrum of media and formats to produce content that benefits those whom lack the skills or means to be heard.

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Common Collective Activities

Making things happen, that make a difference.

Applied Communications

On-The-Job Training in

Real-World Environments

Content Creation

Using Your Skills to

Create Content

Experiential Learning

Working with Industry Professionals

Common Collective

Emerson College | Dept. of Communication Studies

120 Boylston St.

Boston, MA 

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