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The Rosarito Public Diplomacy Project, now in its 13th year, is dedicated to furthering understanding and promoting intercultural dialogue.

During the summer and winter intercession, students and professors from Emerson and other US and global universities act as change agents working with Mexican citizens, governments and organizations dedicated to grassroots efforts designed to bridge cultural and political divides between the US and Mexico.


Focus is on diverse communication challenges, public relations strategies and tactics, and how politics, economics and culture influence such efforts. Projects, papers and creative campaigns of the Rediscover Rosarito to Public Diplomacy Project have been highlighting and presented locally, nationally and globally.

The Rosarito Film Festival, the inaugural signature event of Rediscover Rosarito, is a three week workshop made possible through collaboration of alumni, faculty, and students of Emerson College, the Rosarito Beach Hotel, former Mayor Hugo Torres, local business owners and other global advocates of cross-cultural exchange. RFF participants are selected and work in teams on pitching, shooting, editing and
promoting their films.


Students are provided with cameras, tripods, microphones and computers with only a week to shoot and edit their films. All equipment is provided by Emerson College. Past RFF films have been shown across the globe as examples of strategic grassroots level diplomacy.

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| Alpha Studios

La Magdalena Del Norte is a documentary for and by Tijuana. That tackles the rumors and reputation of the city as well as the responsibility of each of its people, in the future of this misunderstood city.




| La Gata Mansa Films

In this mysterious narrative, Robbie a young adult is hiding a secret from his mother. Everything changes when his mother finds out what he’s hiding and they finally bond over it.


PARALIPSIS | Zoni Medina

A film about time, wormholes and its consequences in humanity. A blackhole is near the earth, Dalia and Dario are stuck in a house without food or water. What are they going to do? Are they willing to do anything to save themselves? Will they be able to save themselves?

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Behind the Scenes

See behind the scenes as some of Emerson students debut as actresses in an award winning thriller.


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