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You Asked, We Answered.

Who can join Common Collective?

You only need three things to be a member. 

  • Be a member of the Emerson College Community

  • Have a pulse

  • Have a desire to improve your communications skills in a collective environment.

When and where do you meet?

 What skills to you need to bring to the Collective? 

No skills are required to join.

THAT'S THE POINT! We've built an organization to help you learn new communications skills and apply them to real-world projects.

The only thing we ask that you bring is passion, curiosity, and creativity.

What's it cost?

What type of projects do you work On?

Common Collective is focused on creating content for selected non-profit entities. We also empower our collectivists to build teams with other members to pursue their own creative interests. Typically we create content in the following areas:

  • Video Production

  • Audio (Podcasts)

  • Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Journalism (reporting, producing, and editing).

  • Marketing Communications

  • Graphic Design

We usually meet Friday afternoon 3pm EDT. Once normal operations return to Emerson's campus we will resume our regular in-person meetings and workshops.

It's free. We're a collective doing what we like to do minus all the official restraints and regulations that come with being a formal college club.