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Center for Nonprofit Communication

CNPC and our CommShop Program

The Common Collective boasts a dedicated team called the Center for Nonprofit Communication, where students collaborate with local nonprofits to enhance their communication strategies, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in engaging diverse audiences and stakeholders.

St. Francis House

The stigma of homelessness is pervasive, yet contrary to the sensational headlines focusing on mental health and substance abuse, most guests at the Saint Francis House are simply ordinary individuals facing tough circumstances. Our goal is to craft content that not only preserves the dignity of these individuals but also fosters empathy among viewers.


Our project with Saint Francis House is geared towards producing content suitable for a variety of social media channels, aimed at educating and raising awareness to draw in new audiences, as well as potential staff, volunteers, and benefactors.


Our students engage closely with the staff at St. Francis House to create concise video content for our campaigns. Interviews and content creation sessions are organized well in advance, ensuring that any staff or guests appearing on camera have been pre-screened to maintain privacy.

Our mission is straightforward: to harness our communication prowess to aid others while simultaneously honing these skills. If you're passionate about social justice and civic engagement and wish to help amplify the voices of the seldom heard, our program offers a meaningful opportunity to make a real difference.

Max Courage

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MAXCourage is a free writing and social-emotional learning program used in schools and after-school programs in Boston, nationally, and internationally. The program supports middle school students to explore the role of courage in the texts they read and the world around them; use personal narrative writing to reflect on adverse experiences they have used courage to face themselves; and have their stories published as authors in our anthologies of student writing.

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