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Common Collective Supports Team Harmony

Team Harmony, founded in 1994, is a nationally recognized, multicultural forum designed to unite youth of all backgrounds in the battle against prejudice, bigotry and hatred and to effect social justice for all people.  Team Harmony >>


We are witnessing it before our very eyes, young people with a desire to make our world, their world, a better and more just place, stepping up to bring about positive change. Be it the environment, school safety, women’s rights, or the issue of race relations and equality for all, our youth are eager to suit up and play a positive role in shaping a better world.


The Team Harmony Foundation’s core mission is to educate, inspire and engage the next generation in the effort to promote tolerance and understanding and to stand up to hate in all its forms. In an effort to provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to be an effective advocate for a better future, Team Harmony is establishing The Team Harmony Virtual Institute for Activism (VIA).


This virtual institute will feature live presentations from key community organizers and advocates focusing on the skills, tactics and tools required to peacefully advocate for equality and understanding for all. Select education leaders from around the world will nominate institute applicants. Applicants will be high school-aged students (16-19 years). 


The institute will offer up to 10 select courses, each 45-60 minutes in length, and will require the Institute participant to take a quiz following each presentation. If after the completion of the Institute course offerings, the participant has achieved a passing grade, they will be presented with a Team Harmony Virtual Institute for Activism (VIA) Certificate.


The initial goal for maiden year of the Institute will be to recruit, train, and engage 10 teams of students from 8 locations in the United States and 2 locations overseas. We anticipate approximately 100 participants in total.

Each “graduate” of the Institute will be encouraged to develop, organize and implement an activity designed to foster bridge-building and dialogue between diverse groups within their school and communities and to advocate for peace and justice for all.


Team Harmony will look to launch the Institute late fall of 2020.

Make a Difference: The Role of Common Collective


The mission statement of Common Collective is aligned with Team Harmony.


We are communicators that seek to make a difference. We have the skills, the resources and recognize the need to help make positive change. 


Over the next few weeks and months, we as an organization will work to support Team Harmony's projects to include:

  • The Global Youth Rally Against Hate

  • A 45 min. Online Show  Called Hate: What Are YOU Going to DO? 

  • The Virtual Insititute for Activism (VIA)

The Team Harmony Virtual Institute for Activism (VIA)

Course offerings*

  • Building Bridges

  • Using Social Media for Social Good

  • Public Relations 101

  • The Art of Organizing & Organizing Online

  • The Art of Public Speaking

  • Creating Visibility for the Cause

  • Starting a Movement or Campaign


  • The Art of Organizing a PEACEFUL March

  • The Art of the Difficult Discussion

*Please Note: All of the aforementioned course offerings can be adjusted.

Collective Skill Sets Needed


Here is a partial list of some of the skill sets we will need in order to support Team Harmony.

  • Script Writers

  • Asso Producers

  • Content Creators

  • Reports / Journalist

  • Video / Audio Techs

  • Host / Anchors

  • Editors

  • Production Assitance

  • Social Media Managers

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