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I help people become more self-aware of their strengths to live more happy and resilient lives. 

Personal Growth and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Sarah Asem

Founder. Luminary Minds

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Sarah is a Personal Growth Consultant and Emotional Intelligence professional with experience in creating multidisciplinary workshops that enhance Social and Emotional Learning to support self-management.  Sarah's creative skills are focused on developing programs that magnify innate strengths that exist within each individual. 


Her work manifests core life skills to improve well-being.  Kindness, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Gratitude and Self-Awareness are essential takeaways in every session she facilitates.


We create a safe and kind environment for

introspection and self-awareness to occur organically within each individual using Mindfulness Practice, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence as tools to guide their way.

The G.R.O.W. model is one of the first coaching models created for leadership and organizational change.  Many models have been created since focused on personal growth.  Coaching is about enhancing performance by achieving awareness and clarity in different aspects of life.  Each Coaching session will take you a step closer to reaching the overarching object you set for yourself at the start of your journey.

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