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Podcasts from Our Members

Common Collective members are filled with creative minds! After attending our workshops and practicing with equipment, our members have collaborated with Emerson faculty or become their own Producers!

Current Podcasts:

- Post Grad Cheat Cheat: with Ashley Osmecki and Professor Dr. Marina Scott

"Answering questions that help recent graduates and current students navigate their transition into their professional lives. "

-In Season: with Bryce Akins

"Sports news, discusses hot topics in sports with regard to what is in season now. "

- The Round Room: with Natalie

"Current events and news podcasts made in short; snackable episodes"

- More of Mel : with Melodie

"A Lifestyle podcast with different topics that may be applied to the trials and tribulations of being a young women"

-Only Stupid Questions

"Answering the "stupid" questions marketing students might have and having conversations about how to navigate the major"

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