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13th Annual
Rediscover RosaRito Film Festival :
Global / Virtual

This year's film festival will feature a retrospective collection of past year festival winners followed by a panel discussion that examines the positive outcomes from international projects such as this.

The festival will also launch its first short-form Smartphone Digital Storytelling Contest.

Rosarito/Global Smartphone Digital Storytelling Contest.

Share a story of hope with the world,

use your smartphone to create it.

This year we're happy to announce a short-form digital storytelling contest that will use nothing more than a smartphone.

As the world faces an assortment of challenges, perhaps its time we look for some inspiration from across the globe.  


We're looking to you, the young storytellers of the world to create a feel-good narrative based on the concept of hope. 

The Rules.

  • All filmmakers must practice social distancing in all phases of production.

  • All content must be captured on a smartphone

  • The use of smartphone accessories is acceptable.

  • The use of equipment associated with video production is acceptable, ie lighting, laptops for editing etc.

  • The final product must be in a video format and must be no longer than 3-minutes.

  • It is advised that all stories use a 3-act narrative structure 1. Set up, 2. Challange. 3. Climax/resolution

  • The contest is open to all.

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