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At this very moment, you most likely have the two key ingredients needed to craft an amazing digital story:     your brain and a SmartPhone.


SmartPhone StoryFest empowers everyone to get in touch with their narrative skills and craft a story in a festival-like atmosphere.

The Emmer Award Certificate-Sample.png

Spring 2021 Winners

The Emmer Awards Seal - Best Video copy.
Skin Forgets.png

Best Short Video: Skin Forgets By Julia Thorn

The Emmer Awards Seal - Most Inspiration

Most Inspirational Narrative: Puzzling

By Toby Lichenwalter

The Emmer Awards - Best Avante-Garde.png
Oh My Dear Bed.png

Best Avante-Garde: Oh My Dear Bed By Stan Wang

The Emmer Awards - Peoples Choice .png
Skin Forgets.png

EMMER: The Social Justice Warrior

SmartPhone Film Fest Poster-For website.

Spring 2021 Theme


The EMMER Award

People's Choice Award: Skin Forgets

By Julia Thorn

Emmer is a non-binary and non-raced Emersonian superhero that embodies the continuous fight for social justice.  They will serve as the icon for SmartPhone Storyfest as well as be the figurine for the Emmer award.


Much like the Oscar or Emmy, winning an Emmer will become a highly sought-after mark of excellence.

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